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We have various events throughout the year focused on those that want to break into venture including our Fellowship program and our jobs newsletter

Jobs for Latinx

One of the core tenets of LatinxVC is enabling latina/os with no prior experience in VC to prepare for and land a job in Venture Capital. Whether you are new to the industry and looking to break into your first Analyst or Associate role, or you are an experienced investor we can help you find your next role.

If you are not currently in a venture capital job we would love to help you through three ways:

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LatinxVC Fellowship: Breaking into VC

Our 8-week program is designed to prepare participants for a successful role as an Analyst, Associate, and Senior Associate at a Venture Capital firm. The program is designed to help equip Latinx candidates with the tools and community that they need to break into the venture capital industry.


LatinxVC Fellows Class 2021

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