For LPs

Venture capital is a critical asset class. Venture-backed startup jobs have a 5x multiplier due to their higher salaries, which create three additional service opportunities and two additional professional jobs.

The Panorama

Women and BIPOC are grossly underrepresented in venture capital. According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office publication, firms owned by Women and BIPOC manage only 1% of the $70 trillion in assets under management in the US. Data from a Kauffman Fellow’s study show a large discrepancy between the Latinx working-age population in the United States (17%) and Latinx startup executives (2.6%).[iii]

This underutilization of human capital is a result of systemic barriers [iv]. Allocating investment capital to existing Venture Capital Funds that have General Partners that are Women and BIPOC managers can accelerate economic equity. 

Our Programs

Founding GP Showcase

Goal: Increase the total AUM Latino-owned venture firms

The Founding GP Showcase is a marquee invite-only event to showcase Latinx representation at the partner level and Latinx-led venture firms. The event features topical discussions and presentations by Latinx GPs who are actively raising capital.

Founding GP Showcase - 2022

Date: Thursday, November 3rd

 If you are a Latinx investor interested in attending the showcase, request an invite here.

If you are an Accredited Investor actively allocating to Latinx GPs, particularly those raising Fund I or Fund II, request an invite here.

If you’d like to volunteer in support of this event, email

Founding GP Showcase - 2019

The inaugural showcase event was hosted in 2019 and featured 11 fund managers, some pictures and testimonial below:

Sara Zulkosky

"Thank you to LatinxVC  for including me in the first of a series of GP/LP investor happy hours. It was great to see a few dear friends and make new connections. Hats off to our hosts Carmen Palafox of 2045 Ventures, Noramay Cadena of Supply Change Capital and Samara Mejia Hernandez of Chingona Ventures."

LatinxVC Partner Programs

Goal: Support Latinx Partners who are building relationships with LPs and navigating careers at institutional funds that are not Latinx majority/led.

This is a sister initiative to the Founding General Partners Initiative and is designed for GPs who are at existing VC firms that are primarily operating past Fund III and beyond. The operation and dynamics of existing VC firms are different than starting a new firm; the content here is designed for the former.